Mrs. Brennan

-Grew up in Eastern Central Oregon
-Paiticipated in 4-H
-Study in a one room school house in Bietheis Oregon before went to Mitchell School.
-Start school in Mitchell in 3rd grade
-Graduate from Mitchell High school in 1988
-Involved in all athletics, student government, honor society.
Education: Mitchell High school 1988
Central Oregon Community College 1990
Eastern Oregon University 1995

When I began teaching:
All total 17 years
15 years in a row in the most recent stent.

Subject that I teach:
Integrated Science 6th-8th
Physical Science 9th -10th
Chemistry 11th -12th
Earth Science
Driver Education

The reason became teacher:
I wanted to coach and I wanted to be in a small rural area so I know I would need to be able to do something else. I loved Science and decided to be a Science teacher and coach.

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