Mr. Leary



-Grew up in Boston

-11 years in the Army

-Served 2 years in Germany

-Deployed to Kosovo,Iraq twice and New Orleans following Katrina

-taught at the Douglas County Juvenile Dentention Center


-Baccalaureate degree 3.97 GPA
-Master of Education degree 3.97 GPA

Mitchell School Experience:
-First year at the Mitchell School
-Math 6th-8th grades,Reading 6th-8th grades,Language Arts 6th-8th grades,High School U.S history
-Middle School basketball and volleyball coach
-High school track coach

When I began teaching:

-2008-2009 student teaching at Conestoga Middle School and Southridge High School in Beaverton.Taught Middle School Geography,High School Phsychology and High School World History.

-2009-2010 Taught incarcerated youth,teens awaiting criminal proceedings and children awaiting placement in foster homes at the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center.

-2010-2011 Deployed to Iraq

-2011-2012 Mitchell School

Reason I became a teacher:
I have always loved history,sociology and politics and hoped that if I became a social studies teacher,I could encourage students to take a similar interest.

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